Smith Park

4030 West Sherman

Phoenix, AZ  85009

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P.O.Box 3705

Phoenix, AZ


Where is DUCK?

  • In 1995, Historic First Presbyterian Church and its congregation responded to the call of the neighborhood in creating Downtown Urban Community Kids, a separate and independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non profit corporation.

  • God has been steadfast and blessed us with a new public private partnership with the City of Phoenix. Today DUCK is located at Smith Park 4030 W. Sherman. This location is strategically located in the middle of a neighborhood giving DUCK the opportunity to live out our vision, "Transforming neighborhoods through learning, living and loving one kid at a time."

  • Our dedication to serving inner city kids has never wavered!

  • "Transforming neighborhoods through learning, living, and loving one kid at a time!"

    DUCK Mission Statement