"Transforming neighborhoods through learning, living, and loving one kid at a time!"

DUCK Mission Statement

Who is DUCK?

  • “We live within a five mile radius of downtown Phoenix and attend several different schools. We can come to DUCK as soon as we enter kindergarten and continue through junior high. We also come to a special program during the summer.”

  • Formed in late 1995, DUCK was a response to the critical need of the urban neighborhood to have a safe place after school for children living in downtown Phoenix. While most of the children have Hispanic origins, all ethnic groups are welcome.

  • As a Christian-based program, the essence of DUCK is to intervene in the generational cycle of poverty, illiteracy and social prejudice.

  • Everyone benefits – the child, the family, and the community. Kids stay in school, out of gangs and off drugs while they learn, among other things, abstinence, teamwork, self-control and essential life skills for healthy and independent living. This then equips them to complete higher education, prepare for better paying jobs, reducing the dependence on social services and government hand-outs while building greater family stability.