• In our state, 275,000 children live in poverty.
  • In our state, over 70,000 youth will be arrested this year.
  • In our state, over 25,000 teens will drop out of school.
  • In our state, over 2,000 youth will be arrested for violent crimes.
  • In approximately 87% of the DUCK homes there is limited or no English spoken; some 55% of the families are single-parent homes. While these percentages vary from year to year, we have found that due to our structure and size, our clientele remain remarkably stable in participation. Several of our original families are still with us.

  • Because of the work being done in the Downtown Urban Community Kids ministry, young lives are being changed, minds are being expanded, kids are entering college and vocational training, and hearts are becoming aware of a loving God who cares for them and gives them hope for a bright future.

    DUCK is published!
    We are pleased that DUCK is profiled on page 28 of a new book, HOPE for Children in Poverty, Edited by Ronald J. Sider and Heidi Unruh

  • "Transforming neighborhoods through learning, living, and loving one kid at a time!"

    DUCK Mission Statement

    Why Duck?

    "We want to be in a safe place after school-and during the summer-and DUCK helps us stay in school, learn new things and widen our experiences" 

    Arizona statistics are dismal.  The majority of crimes happen between 3 and 8 pm.  We call these the five critical hours.